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Digital Archiving

Recognizing the advantage of digitization of records towards promoting good governance, the Government of Kerala has encouraged digitization of records in various Departments. Digitization offers advantages like easy accessibility and retrieval, protection of data authenticity, data security besides the possibility to save and store in multiple formats. Once the data is digitized, processing of files becomes easier and faster compared to the manual system. Access to background data and keyword-based search is possible with digitization. Furthermore, digitization enables access at multiple points at the same time, thus reducing delay in processing files. Users can also save these files to the system or any other media for future reference. With the introduction of the IT Information Act the relevance of digitisation has increased even more . Taking into account of the situation C-DIT as a Total Solutions Provider to the GoK, took initiatives for establishing a separate department for providing Digital Archiving solutions to its clients. Apart from establishing digital archives, the department also focuses on Archival Conservation and restoration techniques whereby old and damaged records can be revived by providing them with strong reinforcement and through that their strength and longevity may increase. Services Offered @ Digitization Department

1) Digitization of Paper Documents and Palm Leaf
2) Creation of Metadata and development of Web enabled Documents Archival and Retrieval Information Management Systems
3) Development of E-books in pdf/a and other formats used in mobiles, ipads, kindle and other e-book readers
4) Archival Restoration

Objectives of the Digitization Department
1. Development of Digital Collections of Materials (Digital Library) pertaining to a particular department/institution with focus on the Cultural Institutions and on heritage data of Kerala.
2. Provide technical digitization support, and services to those private/public institutions/departments that are not able to wholly or partially do it themselves.
3. Provide or mobilize experts to conduct training and support for persons and institutions that would like to embark on digitization and digital preservation exercise.
4. Coordinate collaborative digitization and digital data preservation initiatives among departments and other organizations that are keen to collaborate and or provide digitization support to others.
5. Impart training and customization in Open source Digital Library Systems such as D-Space, Greenstone and E-Prints.
6. Provide services in Archival Restoration techniques.
7. Impart training in Archival conservation and restoration methods.

Our quality - focused approach and ability to provide a complete end-to- end service, from digitization through to delivery, means that we have built an excellent reputation with regards to trust and innovation within the Kerala’s Heritage sector. Enclosed within this brochure you will find a brief summary of our capabilities and services. We hope you will consider placing your trust in us and we look forward to developing a strong and longstanding professional working relationship with you.

Onsite & Offsite service

The digitization department of C-DIT offers both on- and off-site digitization services. We can arrange to have your items collected and digitized by our own staff in our mobile digitization unit, the unit specially designed as mobile digitization lab with all required equipments such as Scanners, Laptops, AC, Power facility fitted inside a vehicle in order to undertake the work in the rural areas of Kerala. Or, alternatively, we are happy to come to your premises with our own infrastructure to undertake the work.

Expertise and Preservation Advice

Our digitization team are fully accredited and externally trained in the handling of precious and fragile items. With hundreds of heritage digitization projects in our port folio, we are always happy to provide guidance to our clients. We will help you choose the most appropriate output formats for both long term preservation and access. We will also provide useful advice if you are considering making your digital collections available online.


Digiitsation Department’s team of programmers have created, and are continuing to develop, advanced and innovative softwrae solutions for the heritage sector.

Our digital mangement system allows easy management and organisation of digitial collections, as well as allowing them to be published online and comprehensively searched. We also offer a bereavement serivce package, chronicle, for administering funerals and managing digital burial records; and our unique virtual book viewing software – allowing you to open a book and flick through the pages on screen.

Online Sloutions

If you are interest in placing your image archive online and potentially earning revenue then we can help. Whether its streaming media, a flash movie, or static images, we will ensure that your website is designed to the highest standards to meet your needs.

Order Fulfilment & Working Together

At digitisation department we go one step further than anyone else and offer a unique partnership approach to working with our clients. Not only will we digitise your archive,conserve the documents, transcribe the content and build search engines for the public to access – we will also take orders (for prints etc) on your behalf and print and despatch them to your customer.