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Date   Description PDF download
04-05-2020 Retention of part of salary and contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund PDF
17-05-2019 Application for Educational Advance 2019-2020, Office Order No.111/A1/Admn/2019/C-DIT PDF
10-01-2018 Proceedings - Medical Reimbursement Benefits to all Employees including Project Staff - Orders issued - reg  PDF
20-07-2017  Proceedings_Deputation of Sri. D. Santhosh, Joint Secretary to Govt. posted as Administrative Officer  PDF
19-05-2017 Proceedings_Delegation of Powers_Modified_Orders issued  PDF
06.05.2017  C-DIT - Admn - Enhancement of DA to Regular Employees - Orders issued  PDF
10.4.2017 Proceedings No: 163_A1_Admn_2017_Cdit dt-10.4.2017  PDF
24-01-2017 C-DIT - Admn - Enhancement of DA to Regular Employees - Orders issued PDF
07-01-2017 C-DIT - Admn - Working hours rearranged - Casual Leave admissible and marking of attendance - Revised orders issued PDF
05.01.2017 C-DIT - Admn - Sanctioning of Interim Relief - Orders issued PDF
07-12-2016 CDIT-Admn - Engagement of Consultant (Finance & Accounts) on temporary basis - Order issued. PDF
01-12-2016 CDIT-Admn - Post of Jr.Executive (Accounts) / Sr. Manager(F&A) - Sri.K.Sreekantan Nair - put in full additional charge - Order issued. PDF
15-11-2016 C-DIT _ ADMN-Special Casual leave to Differently abled employees - Orders issued.  PDF
14-11-2016 C-DIT - Admn-Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme to the regular employees of C-DIT-Renewal  PDF
17-10-2016  C-DIT- Admin-Annual Increment to Administrative staffs - Orders issued  PDF
26-09-2016  C-DIT- Admin- Transfers and Posting - Orders issued  PDF
 06-09-2016 Payment of Adhoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance/Onam Advance and Application Form to C-DIT staff for 2015-16  PDF
 30-08-2016  C-DIT-Admn-Engagement of staff on contract basis to Chief Minister's Office for CM's Website and Social Media - Order issued.  PDF
 19-08-2016 C-DIT-Admn-Granting permission to Smt.Binapaul Venugopal, Deputy Director to discharge the duties and responsibilities of Vice Chairman of Kerala State Chalachithra Academy - Order issued.  PDF
 18.08.2016  C-DIT - Admn- Constituting Energy Cell in RC Kannur-deploying Additional Person to the cell-Order issued  PDF
 17.08.2016 C-DIT-Admn - Judgment dated 15.10.2015 in WP (C) No.30053/13(F) and the order dated 17.02.2016 in RP No.1148 of 2015 filed by Sri.G Saji Narayanan, Scientist E1- Compliance - Orders  PDF

Releasing of Gratuity, Shri. K.G. Jayan