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Organizational Structure

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) is a unique organization working in the area of convergence and beyond of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Content development and dissemination in multi-media formats. C-DIT is proud of having a talented pool of creative personnel working in close collaboration with qualified and experienced technological work force.

Service Span and Ideology
C-DIT has reorganized its activities through four functional Groups, each specializing in a core area, viz. Communication Group, Technology Group, Education & Training Group and Operations Group. C-DIT has been functioning as a Total Solutions Provider to the departments and agencies under the Government of Kerala in the areas of ICT applications and in supply of Holography based security products.


Communication Group focused on activities related to multimedia production, and other communication programmes of Government of Kerala, Design and implementation of communication and advertisement plans for various other agencies, post production processes such as editing, recording and technical support & hardware maintenance, video/Digital Archives, Visual Design, Graphics & Animation, Research, Designing and Content Development for websites /portals and all other allied functions.
Communication Group consists of three divisions viz. Production Division, Design & Content Development Division, Technical Support & Post Production Division.
Besides this, the 'Production Logistics and Accounting Department' which is part of the Operations Group is functionally attached to the Communication Group and provides logistics, administrative and accounting activities related to video and web based production and post production activities in the Group.

Technology Group includes activities related to Informatics, Software Engineering, Software Development, Web Programming, Software Quality Testing, Web Design, Government Computerization including Software Requirement Specifications finalization, Providing IT Solutions, System Administration and Technical Support in E-Governance projects, Indian Language Computational Linguistics, Optical Image Processing, Holography, Web Hosting, Cyber Security, Research & Development and related areas of technical nature.
Technology Group comprised of four divisions viz. Informatics, E-Governance Implementation, Optical Image Processing & Security Products and Research & Development Division.

Education and Training Group is responsible for conducting courses on Animation, Multimedia, Digital Photography, Editing etc. The group also concentrates on short term / long term training programmes in visual and multimedia communication, corporate training, IT based training, technology extension and C-DIT educational partnership programmes, online education & training programmes. Cybersri and other collaborative training programmes, Advanced ICT training programmes, training for skill upgradation of employees of C-DIT and other academic activities come under the purview of this group.
Two divisions namely Communication Courses Division and Technology Extension Division come under this group.

Operations Group delve on HR, General Administration, Establishment and Service matters, Financial Management, Accounts, Budgeting, Project Management, Corporate Planning, Project Monitoring, Expediting, System Study and User Requirement Document Finalization, Governance, Business modeling components and marketing for other groups.
The group consists of three divisions: Corporate Operations Division, Finance & Accounts Division and Management Services Division.
Centre for Development of Imaging Technology had set before itself the principal objective of bringing the latest technologies into the service of smooth governance and to empower the people for the end use of these technologies to the betterment of their own lives.

C-DIT, one of the most trusted solution providers, is a name with a long history that powers itself into new ventures. This trust extends to a series of products, services and solutions that cover diverse activities - from electronics, optonics to cutting-edge information technology. As we enter the third decade, our identity has evolved with our services, adapting for enhancing the scope and reach of government activities.